Champion Restoration

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Champion Restoration specializes in hard surface cleaning, such as tile and grout and natural stone. Cleaning hard surface floors is hard work and you can mop and scrub but you will never get a deep and completely clean floor. Most tile is porous and soils get deeply embedded, making removal of soils difficult.  We use our state of the art truck mount to steam and flush out grease and allergens from the tile and grout.

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Here are the Steps in our Tile Cleaning System:

  1. Vacuum up all dry soils
  2. Pre-spray tile and grout with cleaning solution to loosen and release soils
  3. Use a rotary scrub machine or hand brushes to agitate and loosen soils
  4. We use the state of the art powerful truck mount that produce the pressure and heat needed to remove the deep embedded soils in tile and stone
  5. We mop with a textile rinse which leaves the tile clean of any cleaning residues
  6. We speed dry the tile and grout using our airpath 360-degree fans
  7. Applying sealant on your tile grout will extend its life and make it easier to maintain – this step has an additional fee.