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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Champion Restoration is an industry leader in commercial carpet cleaning, we service restaurants, catering halls, medical facilities, apartment buildings and apartment complexes. Our technicians are trained and experienced to deal with the caked-on grease and grime that comes with cleaning restaurant carpets. We use a hospital grade disinfectant when cleaning and medical facilities. Our state of the art truck mounted equipment, produces high heat needed to cut through tough restaurant grease and to kill microbials (bacteria, viruses, and mold).

Commercial carpet cleaning is priced by the square footage and based on the type of cleaning option you choose.  The ideal situation is to not wait until the carpets get overly soiled. When customers see dirty carpets, they assume the kitchen is also dirty. The same goes for medical facilities, they must keep a clean environment to combat germs and pathogens.

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Commercial Cleaning Process:

Step one – dry vacuum all carpets and remove furniture

Step two – pre-spray carpets with a special enzyme to break down protein based grease

Step three – scrub carpets with floor machine to agitate and loosen restaurant stubborn grease

Step four – steam clean carpets to remove all soils and grease

Step five – speed dry all carpets with rapid dry system

Step six – apply odor eliminator to inhibit odor causing bacteria